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Kharkiv sightseeing tour Tours in Ukraine » Tours for individual tourists » City Travel » Kharkiv
Kharkiv sightseeing tour

Kharkiv sightseeing tour

Kharkiv sightseeing tour

Founded in 17th century, today Kharkiv is the second most-populated city of Ukraine after Kyiv. The city is known for a big number of high educational institutions and is an important cultural and economic center of Ukraine.

During the tour you will visit the main church of the city – Annunciation Cathedral with an elaborated exterior. Another point of interest is Assumption Cathedral with a high Bell tower. Moreover, you will visit Pokrovsky male monastery and discover its history.

Discover one of the symbols of the city – the Mirror Steam Fountain, located on the Sumskaya Street, facing the Kharkiv Theater of Opera and Ballet.

One of the biggest squares of Europe is situated in Kharkiv – Svobody (Freedom) Square with its highlight – the building of Gosprom (Derzhprom) – the first skyscraper of the city and an example of constructivism style in architecture. The building of the State Kharkiv University also faces Freedom Square.

Kharkiv sightseeing tour

Kharkiv sightseeing tour

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