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About a Tour Operator Ofit-Service
Tour Operator "Ofit-service" was founded in 1992. During many years of work we have got a great experience in all the directions of tourist business and now we are a professional staff and one of the oldest leading  firm in Ukraine. 
Our clients are young people and adults, groups and individual tourists - our compatriots as well as numerous tourists from any foreign neighbourhood and Europe. Tour Operatour “Ofit-service” works on the basis of official Licence of tour operator activities of Ukraine.
The staff of our firm is a well-organized team of upholders whose high professionalism and intellectual level garantee comfort and skilled service for our clients..
All employees of our firm are people with high university education. They have master's degrees in two and more foreign languages and wield modern means of computer devices and conferencing. They are communicative and interested in novelties in the field of development of tourist business.
Young and experienced employees have been worklng hand in hand.for many years. All this, in totality, provides our success!
Touroperator OFIT-Service
Office: 79008, Lviv (Lemberg), Staroevreyska str., 17
Correspondence: 79017, Lviv, Postbox 500
Tel.: +38 032 2355777
Fax: +38 032 2356777
e-mail: info |@|
Registration License and Touroperator License:
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Our cooperation partner in Europe:
Davoser str. 11 D-14199 Berlin
T.  +
F.  +
Email: info |@|

Our cooperation partner in Caucasus:
Office: 11, Janashiya Str., Tbilisi, Georgia,
T.  +995.568.799.393
Email:  info |@|

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