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Zaporizhia sightseeing tour Tours in Ukraine » Tours for individual tourists » City Travel » Zaporizhya
Zaporizhia sightseeing tour

Zaporizhia sightseeing tour

Zaporizhia sightseeing tour

Zaporizhia is one of the largest regional centers of Ukraine – a remarkable industrial and cultural center, and an important river port. You will learn about the development of Prydniprovsky region and visit the central avenue of Zaporizhya.

Zaporizhzhia has a special charm, as its buildings, in the so-called Stalin Empire-style, are decorated with elaborate patterns, classical columns, and porticos in the neoclassic spirit. One can admire many of them walking along the Lenin Avenue – the longest avenue in Europe! Zaporizhzhia also has many museums, the most popular ones being the Weapon History Museum and the Museum of Retro Automobiles.

Overview of a breathtaking view of the huge dam of Dniproges – famous first Soviet hydro-electric power-station in Zaporizhia and the oldest hydroelectric power station on the Dnipro River.

Zaporizhia sightseeing tour

Zaporizhia sightseeing tour

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