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Tunnel of Love

Tours in Ukraine / Tours for individual tourists / City Travel / Lutsk, Tunnel of Love
Tunnel of Love
Tunnel of Love
Tunnel of Love
The Tunnel of Love in Klevan (50 km from Lutsk) is definitely one of the most romantic and outstanding places not just in Ukraine, but also in the whole Europe. Tourists from all over the world seek to visit this fantastic place. The Tunnel of Love mesmerizes the visitors with its charm and unbelievable beauty.
An old mysterious narrow-gauge railway is still operating, so trains pass here few times a day, forming a really magical tunnel of leafy trees that grow alongside the way. Looking at the tunnel you may have an optical illusion that the Tunnel of Love is endless. At the same time, it is only 3 km long. Though the Tunnel is beautiful throughout the year, the most popular seasons for tourists coming here are from the late spring until the middle of the autumn, when the tunnel is covered with abundant leaves.
You will have a free time in the Tunnel of Love to make pictures and buy some memorable souvenirs.
Tunnel of Love
Tunnel of Love
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