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Medzhybizh fortress Tours in Ukraine » Tours for individual tourists » City Travel » Kamianets-Podilskyi
Medzhybizh fortress

Medzhybizh fortress

Medzhybizh fortress

The history of the city of Medzhybizh dates back to the XII century. Its name proceeds from the location of the city between two rivers – Southern Bug and Buzhok. For centuries, the city has been under the rule of different nations, including the Tatars, Poles, Turks, Lithuanians, and Russians. The fortress was destroyed several times and then rebuilt from the ruins. However, from the last big reconstruction in XVI century, the fortress survived almost untouched until our days. It is one of the most beautiful fortresses of the Western Ukraine and a great example of the medieval fortification architecture.

The architecture of the fortress is impressive. It has a triangular-shaped form with 17-meter high walls and three towers. Inside the fortress walls, you may see a spacious yard with a church of XVI century. Nowadays there is an operating museum, where you will find the expositions of folk art of the region as well as the exhibits related to the history of the fortress.

However, the city is famous not only for its beautiful fortress but also for the Jewish heritage. Medzhybizh is considered the birthplace of Hasidism and a famous Jewish rabbi Bal Shem Tov lived there in the XVIII century.

Medzhybizh fortress

Medzhybizh fortress

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