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Excursion to «Babiy Yar» Tours in Ukraine » Tours for individual tourists » City Travel » Kyiv
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Babi Yar is the natural ravine in northwestern Kyiv which was chosen by German occupational forces as a place for massive murdering of Jewish, Roma, Ukrainian and other people. In late September 1945, a few days after the occupation of the city, placards appeared on city buildings’ walls, ordering all Jewish people, under a threat of death penalty, gather on the road crossing near Babi Yar. According to German documents, about 30 thousands of people were killed there only in first three days. And it was only the start of the tragedy. Ukrainian nationalists, mental patients, war prisoners and other unwanted people followed numerous Jewish population of Kyiv. Horrible fascist atrocities lasted about 2 years. During Babi Yar guided visit, you are offered to learn more sad facts about this place and the events related to it. For you to see the exact place of massive executions, the ravine itself and the park joined to it, the memorial complex of Babi Yar, and other monuments.
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