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Excursion to Belgorod-Dniestrovskyi Tours in Ukraine » Tours for individual tourists » City Travel » Odessa
Excursion to Belgorod-Dniestrovskyi

Excursion to Belgorod-Dniestrovskyi

Excursion to Belgorod-Dniestrovskyi

Bilgorod-Dnistrovska Fortress 13-15th centuries. The fortress has no equal in Ukraine, being most dramatic medieval monument. It is located on the high bank of the Dniester estuary on the foundations of the antique town of Tira (5th c. B.C.). In 1433-1454 the fortifications were renovated to include round towers connected with high ramparts to form enclosed citadel with inner courtyards.

From three sides the fortress was surrounded with moast 10 metres wide, which were linked by the locks with estuary. Within centuries the walls and towers were continuously renovated to ensure the defence from different amaments. After 1812 the fortress continued to be the pillar of the south frontier defence system of the Russian empire at least 20 years onwards.

Alongside with other sites – Armenian and Greek churches of the 13th–14th centuries, vestiges of the Greek ancient city of Tira, the medieval fortress adds to the fame of Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi, the ancient town, founded 2 500 years ago.

Excursion to Belgorod-Dniestrovskyi

Excursion to Belgorod-Dniestrovskyi

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