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Healthy Travel / Solotvyno
      Solotvyno is famous for its salt lakes. The first lake appeared more than twenty years ago on the place of the Kunikuda mine, which was worked out in the previous century. In time the area of the lake enlarged in the places where ground creviced, and now it reaches 10 hectare. Water is very salty (30,3% solution) there and it is very useful for the treatment of diseases of the peripherical nervous system: radiculitis, pleuritis, arthritis, skin diseases. Every year Solotvyno manages to attract thousands of visitors who come looking for a breath of fresh air - deep in the bowels of the earth. Speleotherapy is the use of salt caves or saline air for respiratory illnesses like asthma, allergies and bronchitis. The therapy is common in Poland, Russia, the Ukraine and Romania. At Solotvyno, visitors descend deep into the earth's belly 300 m below the surface, and enter a mine where the crystalline walls are studded with salt, and the micro-climate keeps the temperature steady at a warm 22 C. The subterranean grotto treats convalescents who do nothing more than inhale and exhale the saline air: it's believed that the tiny particles help clear the passageways and facilitate improved breathing. The solution of Solotvyno's salt lakes belongs to highly mineralized(30-32 h/l), subacid, chloride-sodium medical waters. In salt solution and palladium muds there are rare elements: silicium, caesium, bromum, fluorine, rubidium.
     Salt solution and palladium muds gives a positive effect to the treatment of cardiovascular system, left-overs of phlebitis and thrombophlebitis, motorial organs, nervous system, urological diseases, psoriasis, dermal diseases, problems of male and female generative systems, radiculitis, rheumatic diseases, arthritis, bronchitis, asthma, allergy. Speleological therapy is one of the methods of non-medicamental aftertreatment and treatment of diseases of respiratory tracts, in the base of which is a using of microclimate of underground objects (a salt mine and karst caves).

  Solotvyno Solotvyno Solotvyno
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