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Olesko — Brody Tours in Ukraine » Tours for individual tourists » City Travel » Lviv
Olesko — Brody Olesko — Brody Olesko — Brody Olesko — Brody Olesko — Brody

Oleskosmall town in Lviv region famous by his castle. The castle of Olesko is mentioned for the first time in manuscripts in 1327. It is visible by far with the top of a 50 meters high solitary hill which dominates the road towards Lviv. The castle is of plan oval with solid buttresses and a pleasant interior court. Today it shelters an appendix of the Gallery of Arts of Lviv where antiquities and objects d'art are presented. Around the fortress a park decorated into 1996 extends from modern sculptures which contrast agreeably with old constructions.

Brody is located in the northeastern part of the Lviv for 93 km from the city. The first mention of a settlement on the site of Brody is dated 1084. Name the city comes from the fact that Brody situated on the road crossing of two rivers with impassable swampy floodplains. That crossing over them held together well-defined areas – fords, brody in ukrainian. There are many architectural monuments, among them: ancient fortress, Trinity Church (1726), ruins of the Great Synagogue (1742), Chamber of Commerce of the XIX century etc.
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