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Excursion: Zhovkva – Krekhiv Tours in Ukraine » Tours for individual tourists » City Travel » Lviv
Excursion: Zhovkva – Krekhiv Excursion: Zhovkva – Krekhiv Excursion: Zhovkva – Krekhiv Excursion: Zhovkva – Krekhiv Excursion: Zhovkva – Krekhiv
Zhovkva is located 23 kilometers northeast of Lviv and boasts many sights dating from the 17th and 18the century. Embedded in a lovely landscape this town is a gem of the Renaissance. You will see the Main Market Square – a beautyful renaissance ensemble, the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence (1606) as well as the castle (1594-1606) and its ruins of old defensive constructions, the monastery of the Dominicans (1653-1655), the synagoge dating from the 17th century, the Monastery of the Basilians with the church of the feast of Christ rom the 17th century, the Church of the Holy Trinity – a lovely church made of wood dating from the early 18th century and last not least the Church of the Birth of Mary.
The village of Krekhiv is a beautiful nature reserve. In Krechiv you will visit the buildings of the Monastery of Vassilius. The caves cells of this monastery are well preserved, dating from the beginning 17th century. Years later, the Church of Saint NIcholas was built, the monastery was fortified by walls and towers. Many renowned persons have visited the monastery in the course of Ukrainian history. During the reign of the Soviet communism the monastery was shut down. Only 1990 the monks returned. After extensive works of renovation the monastery now shines again and radiates its splendour.
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