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Panoramic city tour Tours in Ukraine » Tours for individual tourists » City Travel » Lviv
Panoramic city tour Panoramic city tour Panoramic city tour Panoramic city tour Panoramic city tour

Panoramic city tour includes the railway station, National University Ivan Franco, St. George Cathedral, Lychakiv memorial cemetery, Bernardin monastery etc.

The Cathedral St. George which is one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in Lviv, was built in 1744-1761 by the architect Bernardo Meretini in place of wooden church. The attic of the Cathedral finds its comletion in the figure of St. George the Conqueror by the unsurpassable sculptor Johann George Pinzel. This Cathedral is the main seat of the so called Uniate church in Lviv. The Uniate Church (also known as Greek-Catholic Church) was founded in the 16th century to bridge the gap e between the orthodox and the catholic church.

The Bernardin Monastery encompasses the monastery buildings, bell tower, fortification wall, the Church of Saint Andrew (1600-1630) and the pretty columns of the Rotunda of the Well. The defensive walls of the monastery once belonged to the city fortifications.

Lychakiv Cemetery is a famous and historic cemetery in Lviv. Initially opened in 1787 in compliance with an Austrian law to move burials from the centre of town, the cemetery soon became one of Europe's finest. Generations of citizens were laid to rest here: intelligentsia, bourgeoisie and nobility especially. Lychakiv cemetery now is an open air museum and more than that: a "gallery of art work", showing graves of many renowned personalities of the ukrainian and polish culture and sciennces, like Ivan Franko, Solomiya Kruschelnytska, Gabriela Zapolska, Stefan Banach, Maria Konopnicka and many others..
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