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Healthy Travel / Morshyn


      Morshyn health resort is one of the most picturesque places in Prykarpattya. Its mineral waters are used for medical treatment of the diseases of alimentary tract such as chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, colitis, gastric ulcer, cystitis, diabetes mellitus of the first and second stages. Digestive system diseases such as chronic gastritis, colitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis and hepatitis are the main reasons for seeking treatment in Morshyn. Due to the stimulating effect of the resort’s mineral water on bile production and elimination, the system is purified and immunity increased, which helps cure various urinary tract infections, metabolic diseases and allergic conditions.
      The main treatment is drinking the mineral water. Then, it is necessary to follow the doctors’ reccomendations. Baths, showers, ablutions and other procedures involving the water are included in the treatment as well. They are particularly effective in cases of gynecologic infections, prostatitis, and locomotor system problems. The treatment regimens are supplemented with physiotherapy and diet. The diagnostic complex of the Morshyn sanatoriums has modern biochemical and immunological equipments
Morshyn   Morshyn   Morshyn

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