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Recently we can witness significant increase of interest to incoming tourism.

Programs are being developed, campings, hotels and restaurants are being built, guide-books are being published. But still human factor remains the core feature of each tour, each excursion. None of the guide-books can give a person that a talented guide can explain. People are interested in nations, their inner life, atmosphere of real living but not a varnished photo.

Our guides are true professionals who have considerable work experience, nice reputation and personal charm.

Character and work complication of any guide is determined according to excursion or tour targets. These can be general orientation excursions, thematic excursions, single-day or multi-day etc. Guides who accompany such excursions are fully literate, they have a broad outlook and a good erudition. All guides own corresponding certificates. Moreover, our guides are constantly training courses and master-classes, as you can judge by the large selection of guided tours and excursion programs that we can offer.

If you order a tour with us, at our website, or on your individual program, than you are guaranteed to receive high-quality, professional service at more than competitive prices in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, German, French, English and other languages.


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