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Summer in Carpathians

Summer Travel / Carpathians
Summer rest in Carpathians
The Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine are the place to escape from the bustling metropolis – inspiring nature, clean mountain lakes, fresh air and delicious local food is what everyone needs during the summer holidays. You may come to try the numerous wellness and SPA resorts, or you might opt for just renting a cottage in the valley to have a break away from it all – whatever you choose, there’s so much to see here that the Carpathians simply won’t allow you to get bored. The local nature fascinates every tourist who is willing to unlock the mysteries of the ancient mountains, feel the breath of ethereal forest and stroll along the unexplored trails.
As a rule, in the summer our body requires relaxation and recreation. The majority of the modern resorts in the mountains offer visitors SPA services. Here you can soak in the pools with heated water from the spring, relax in the Jacuzzi, take a massage and body wraps, soak in vats with herbs.
Horseback riding
Horses have a positive effect on a man. They soothe, appease and give a sense of unity and harmony with oneself and the world. And when you combine riding with enchanting nature of the Carpathians, you get a truly unique effect. You will get the aesthetic and practical fun.
Bicycle rides, quad bikes and all-terrain vehicles
The best way to walk a little, and move a lot more to see is riding on mountain trails on bicycle, quad bikes and all-terrain vehicles. You can admire the most beautiful places of Carpathians, breathe crystal-clear air, spend your time actively and get unforgettable emotions.
If you want to indulge in truly enchanting feelings you can go rafting on a mountain river. You will overcome the mountain rapids rushing rivers of different levels depending on your preparation. This adrenaline rush you will not find anywhere else. The most popular in the Carpathians is rafting Cheremosh.
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